Philosophical Approach

The IT Partners name combines two basic ideas: partners in the mission and partners with each other.

Partners in the Mission

Technology and data enable our units and the university to deliver on mission goals. Our teams are engaged partners through the lifecycle of ideation, creation, and delivery of academic, research, and public engagement activities.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Develop and cultivate ongoing relationships with our stakeholders based on integrity, mutual respect, inclusion, and trust.
  • Deeply understand the strategic and tactical needs of our units through listening, learning, and open conversation.
  • Identify, acquire or create, implement, and support technology and data solutions.
  • Support faculty and staff with responsive, knowledgeable assistance.
  • Provide consultative technology and data training in the specific context of user needs and business processes.
  • Leverage our expertise in systems, data, and workflow design to optimize and automate administrative operations.

Partners with Each Other

The delivery of technology and data solutions requires leveraging services along a diverse delivery continuum that spans external vendors, system and university-level providers, and local expertise. Our teams partner across organizational boundaries and navigate this continuum successfully to deliver effective and efficient solutions.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Respect and build relationships with all technology and data staff as colleagues irrespective of unit.
  • Create opportunities for each other to develop and grow as professionals.
  • Collaborate (both formally and informally) with technology and data staff within our units and across unit boundaries to bring their expertise to bear and implement the best solutions.
  • Embrace our distributed technology and data community as an open network rich with collaboration opportunities
  • Identify the “scale sweet spot” for all services so that we deliver them at the most effective scale that balances quality, flexibility, and resources.
  • Actively engage in communities of practice to co-create and adopt best practices in technology and data domains.
  • Contribute our expertise and effort to the common good of our units and the university.