Collaborative Activities

IT Partners member units contribute to the collaboration through:

  • Using the name Information Technology Partners @ (College) as their official IT unit name.
  • Regular meetings between the leaders of each unit to develop shared strategy and direction, increase collective awareness of the campus and external environments, support the professional development and career growth of staff, and provide peer coaching and mentoring.
  • Quarterly updates of activities to other member units to identify opportunities for collaboration and to share expertise.
  • Participation by all unit IT staff in shared virtual discussion forums so that connections between units are fostered and technical knowledge is shared freely between units.
  • Service creation and/or delivery collaborations as defined and agreed to between two or more member units. These collaborations have accountability, delivery method(s), budget allocation, and change management processes clearly defined. These collaborations are defined by individual MOU agreements as addendum to general membership.
  • Genuine effort to partner with the campus IT community in communities of practice and common good activities when possible.
  • Short-term, emergency assistance between units for mission critical service delivery.

It is of critical importance that resources invested by member colleges primarily benefit the college(s) making the investment. Except where formal service or staffing agreements are forged among member units, IT Partners member units retain:

  • Independence of service delivery
  • Direct reporting lines in their respective college
  • Independence of budget
  • Right to prioritize college goals and objectives over contributions to collaborative efforts